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Coronavirus Information

(updated March 17, 2022)

Per the Safe Return Task Force

On Thursday, March 17, the Safe Return Task Force met and, after careful discussion, updated CEEBJ’s Covid precautions policies.  Considering the substantial reduction in Omicron numbers, the recommendations of the CDC and the North Shore Health department, and our Jewish values, we developed a few guiding principles and policies, allowing us to thoughtfully relax our Covid protocols. The new policies will be effective as of Monday, March 21.
Pikuach Nefesh:
 Saving lives: this sacred Jewish value will continue to steer our committee’s actions.
Respect:  It is important to understand that individuals have different degrees of comfort with every policy and, thus, our policies and practices must reflect respect for all of our needs.
Community: We recognize how critical it is to be physically together whenever we can to build upon our bonds of community.
Speed and Flexibility:  We will continue to keep an active eye on the situation; we will be ready to adjust or roll-back our plans if the health situation requires it.
UPDATED POLICIES – Effective Monday, March 21
Masking:  Members, guests and staff are encouraged to mask by their own preference and discretion, per CDC guidelines. Whether people mask or not, we ask that all are treated with respect.
Vaccination:  We continue to require attendees to be fully vaccinated or to have negative tests within 48 hours of attending CEEBJ and we strongly encourage boosters.
Seating:  We will provide options for both our standard seating in rows as well as distanced seating.
Eating communally:  We are pleased to announce that we will now begin to eat together at CEEBJ --  at ongai Shabbat (onegs), b’nai mitzvah, and other events.  Out of respect to those less comfortable with this change, we will continue to provide to-go and distanced seating options.
Program access:  We will continue to offer our worship services, programs and meetings both in person and online through Zoom, streaming on our website, Facebook Live and YouTube.
Romemu:  Romemu will follow the above guidelines with some adjustments to account for the needs of the program.  Susan Cosden, Director of Lifelong Learning, will follow up next week with those updates.

Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyar 5782