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Youth Activities

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

MiTY: Milwaukee Temple Youth (9th Through 12Th Grade)

MiTY is a part of the national Reform youth organization called NFTY (National Federation of Temple Youth) which works to bring religious, social action, educational, social and leadership elements into youth led and organized groups. NFTY works on three different levels:

  • The local level – our NFTY affiliated youth group is MiTY, representing Congregations Shalom, Sinai and Emanuel-El.
  • The regional level – MiTY is part of the NFTY Northern region, covering Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Dakotas.
  • The North American level – NFTY Northern is one of 19 regions

2018-2019 Schedule:

  • Casual hang nights on the first Thursday of each month from 6-7pm.
  • August 17-19, 2018: NFTY-NO Summer Kallah
  • Sept. 2: All day Kick-Off Six Flags Kickoff
  • Oct. 5-7: NFTY-NO Fall Kallah
  • Oct. 21: MiTY Sr. Fall Event
  • Dec. 25: Morning MiTY Sr. Volunteer Event
  • Jan. 4-6, 2019: NFTY-NO Winter Kallah
  • Jan. 20: MiTY Swim Party
  • April 4-7: NFTY-NO Spring Kallah (open to 8th graders)
  • May 17: MiTY Progressive Shabbat Lock-In (open to 8th graders)

MiTY Jr: Milwaukee Temple Youth Jr (6th through 8th grade)

6th through 8th graders a chance to develop their social network across Milwaukee. Monthly events bring together Reform tweens from the four area Reform synagogues to seasonal, regional events to allow them to participate in fun activities with kids from Chicago to Minneapolis.

2018-2019 Schedule:

  • Casual hang nights on the first Thursday of each month from 7-8pm.
  • Nov. 11: Social Action Event
  • Jan. 20, 2019: Swim Party
  • Feb. 24: Fun in the Snow Event
  • March 8-10: NFTY-NO JYG Kallah
  • April 28: Cupcake Wars

Need more information?

For more information, on all these programs, please contact Rabbi Schaller at

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