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5784/2023 High Holy Days General Information

5784/2023 HIGH HOLY DAYS

Here is a quick list of the links found in the section details below. All links will open in a separate window.

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Click here to see the schedule of worship services and events.

Following is detailed information regarding attendance at and access to CEEBJ’s High Holy Days services—in person or online.  We welcome you and your guests to join us in-person and online. 


In Person Attendance:

Name Tags/Tickets: To help everyone connect or reconnect at this joyous and sacred time, and to better support our security efforts, we’ve enclosed name tag cards for your household. We will also make them available for your guests. We ask that you bring your name tags to all in-person Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. These will serve as your High Holy Day tickets, and we will ask you to show them to our greeters as you enter our building.

We will have name tag holders and lanyards to help you display your name tags available for pickup right before High Holy Day services, and during the week prior at the office.

* Masking is optional at High Holy Day services and for all other activities at CEEBJ.

* Reservations are required for Children’s High Holy Day Experiences, Childcare, and Transportation. Click here to make your reservations, or by returning the reservation form in the information packet mailed to your home, or by calling the synagogue office at 414-228-7545. We also ask for all guests to be pre-registered so we can welcome them properly.

* Guests and Adult Children: While there will be no specific cost for your adult children and/or guests to attend, we ask you please click here to register them in advance, and please encourage them to consider making a donation to the CEEBJ High Holy Days Appeal to support our operations. 

  1. Online Attendance:
    1. All services can be viewed online via Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and here on the website to allow for real-time access to our services for those unable to attend in person. To watch on the website, click the green box located at the very top of every website page. Zoom links and codes will be emailed in Emanu-Email, and also available to members logged-in to the website under the For Members menu. Passwords are not required to watch the services on Facebook and YouTube.

Click here for information on how to contact our Technical Support Hotline.

We truly want our High Holy Days offerings to be accessible to all of our congregants, whatever your level of technological sophistication. Our services are created to be available to all congregants, friends and family, no matter their location and circumstances. If you have technical support questions, call: CEEBJ Tech Hotline (414) 973-1742 or email:

We’re excited to offer terrific programming for families of children of all ages:

For ages 5 and younger, see Childcare (below).
For K4-7th graders, see Children’s High Holy Days Experience and Rosh Hashanah Second Day Family Program (below).
Teens are welcome to join parents in services, be part of our machzor madrichim corp, assist our Director of Lifelong Learning with Children’s High Holy Day Experience or assist with childcare. Please see the appropriate sections below.

Click here to reserve your child(ren) in the sessions discussed in this section.

Your children are invited and encouraged to join us for hands-on, High Holy Day Experiences of the senses while their parents and older siblings attend the morning services.

First Day of Rosh Hashanah: Saturday, September 16, 9:15 am - Room 207 - K4 – 7th Graders
Please join us for a Rosh Hashanah Ranger program where we will earn different ranger badges by choosing to do different activities about Rosh Hashanah. It will be a great opportunity to celebrate with our friends and learn more about the holiday. Click here to reserve your child(ren) in this session.

Rosh Hashanah Second Day FAMILY Program
Sunday, September 17, 9:30 am - Surlow Hall

From K4 – 7th Graders **plus Parents and/or Grandparents are invited!**
Together, we will explore the seven days of creation to celebrate the birthday of the world, aka Rosh Hashanah. We will get to go into the sanctuary to hear the shofar being blown. Click here to reserve your child(ren) in this session.

Yom Kippur: Monday, September 25, 9:15 am - Room 207 - K4 – 7th Graders
Please join us for Yom Kippur ReDo. Together we will be exploring many different aspects of the holiday and how Yom Kippur help us do things better this year, including the tradition of starting to prepare for Sukkot as soon as we do havdallah. Click here to reserve your child(ren) in this session.


* These programs will be hands-on, and attendees may get messy. Please dress accordingly or provide a smock.

* We will serve snacks at all programs.

* All must be registered by Monday, September 11 for Rosh Hashanah and September 18 for Yom Kippur. This will also allow us to know of any food allergies or other special accommodations. Click here to reserve your child(ren) in these sessions.

* Teen volunteers are desired for all three mornings. If your teen is interested, please have them contact Susan Cosden, Director of Lifelong Learning at or (973) 917-9294. 

Click here to reserve your child(ren) in childcare.

* Childcare for children 5 and under will be available during all morning services, and for 8 and under during Yom Kippur Afternoon Services. 

* The cost is $15 per child per service; these fees are non-refundable.

*Reservations are required by Monday, September 11. For their safety and wellbeing, we cannot allow children to be dropped off without this advance reservation. Click here to reserve your child(ren) in childcare.

Click here to reserve transportation.

Thanks to the support of the Albert and Jeanette Gross Senior Citizen Fund, complimentary transportation to all High Holy Days services is available to congregants who do not have any other means of reaching the synagogue.

Click here to reserve transportation, or by returning the reservation form in the information packet mailed to your home, or by calling the synagogue office at 414-228-7545.

At peak times, professional parkers will supervise parking at the CEEBJ building. Plan to arrive early. When parkers are on duty, please follow their instructions. Valet parking will be available for those who require assistance; a parking attendant at the main entrance (west door) will help you when you arrive. If you have any other special parking needs, please contact the Executive Director. Per the River Hills Police Department, parking on Brown Deer Road is not allowed.

Please contact our Executive Director, Andrew Appel
at 414-228-7545 or

with your High Holy Days questions and needs.

Sat, September 23 2023 8 Tishrei 5784