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2020/5780 Elul Project


Introducing the CEEBJ Elul Project

Boker Tov. Good Morning. How are you feeling this morning? How is the month of Elul going so far for you? How are you going to love yourself today? How are you going to share your love with others and all of creation? How are you going to express your love for God/your Higher Power?
Each morning during the month of Elul to help us in our heshbon hanefesh, the accounting of our souls, you will receive this email with a new video by a member of our congregation sharing thoughts and reflections to be of assistance. Links to all the videos are also available just below. The sounding of the shofar through our Shofar Project will awaken us to the tasks that await.

We offer you the opportunity to reflect and respond every day through Padlet, which enables you to share with the entire congregation and help all of us to prepare. Instructions on how to use Padlet appear below after the videos or jump to the instructions now.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Susan Cosden, Director of Lifelong Learning, at
May your Elul spiritual journey be helpful and may you be gentle with yourself on this journey.
Rabbi Marc Berkson, Cantor David Barash, Susan Cosden, RJE, and Executive Director Andrew Appel

Links to the daily videos

To add your reflections on the daily video, visit our Padlet site

29 Elul - September 18
with the Levin/Straus Family
and Susan Cosden


28 Elul - September 17
with David Blumberg and Sherry Blumberg


27 Elul - September 16
with Alex Franklin and Rachel Macagon


26 Elul - September 15
with Michael Taibleson and Norm Malmon


25 Elul - September 14
with Sam Vondra and Jennifer Saber


24 Elul - September 13
with Michael Barolsky and Anastasia Esther


23 Elul - September 12
with Benjamin Levin
and Barbara & Michael Levin


22 Elul - September 11
with Matthew Konz and Herzl Spiro


21 Elul - September 10
with Cantor David Barash
and Nadine Zuckerman


20 Elul - September 9
with Isaac Feiges and Susan Cosden


19 Elul - September 8
with the Mitch Carneol and Robert Jacobs


18 Elul - September 7
with the Levin/Straus family
and Rabbi Marc Berkson


17 Elul - September 6
with Aaron Konz and Cantor David &
Debra Gorra Barash


16 Elul - September 5
with Alex Franklin and Mike Grinker


15 Elul - September 4
with Michael Taibleson and Caitlin Brazner

14 Elul - September 3
with David Blumberg and Susan Cosden, RJE


13 Elul - September 2
with Michael Barolsky and David Blumberg


12 Elul - September 1
with Sam Vondra and Deb & Moshe Katz


11 Elul - August 30
with Matthew Konz and Andrea Konz


10 Elul - August 30
with Mitch Carneol and Mijal Tohi


9 Elul - August 29
with Cantor David Barash and Rabbi Marc Berkson


8 Elul - August 28
with Isaac Feiges and Tamar Kelber


7 Elul - August 27
with Aaron Konz and Rich Konz


6 Elul - August 26
with Benjamin Levin & Andrew Appel

5 Elul - August 25
with The Levin/Straus Family & Rabbi Toba Schaller


4 Elul - August 24
with Michael Barolsky & Rabbi Jessica Barolsky

3 Elul - August 23
with Alex Franklin and Cantor David Barash


2 Elul - August 22
with Michael Taibleson and
Susan Cosden, RJE


1 Elul - August 21
with Sam Vondra and Rabbi Marc Berkson



Your Reflection

We offer you the opportunity to respond every day through Padlet, which enables you to share with the entire congregation and help all of us to prepare. Once you have reflected upon the video for the day, please click here to visit our Padlet site.  
What’s a Padlet?

Padlet is an online virtual “bulletin” board, where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures, in a secure location.

How do I use our Padlet?

  • When you click on the link above you will be taken to our CEEBJ Elul Project page on Padlet.
  • You will see columns with titles at the top, one for each day of Elul stating both the Hebrew and secular calendar date. Go to the column that corresponds with today.
  • Press the plus button + in today’s column and a post-it type note will appear.
  • Title your post it if you would be so kind.
  • Then please type your response to the prompt.

You could be done at this point and we thank you for adding to our discussion.

If you like to add things to your own post:

  • If would like to add a link to an article, blogpost, image, YouTube, etc. you can do so by pushing the link icon (it is the second from the left and looks like a paperclip).
  • If you want to search for an image, video, GIF, audio, etc. click the search button (it is third from the left and looks like a magnifying glass).
  • If you want to add a picture of you at the moment you wrote this or to take a picture of something you made to go with your comments, please click the camera icon.
  • Press the three dots and you will have options for drawing, add a location and more.
  • If you would like to like someone else’s post you have the option to click the heart in the left bottom corner of each post-it.

Is someone moderating this site? Yes and each post will appear after it is approved.

Mon, September 28 2020 10 Tishrei 5781