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Introducing Our New Youth Educational Program: 
Romemu -
(Connect)   Chavayah (Experience)    Lomed (Learn)    Chai (Live)

Why a new name for religious school? 
We are experimenting with breaking away from the conventional model of religious school/Sunday school/Hebrew school. Our program this year will have us learning in a variety of different groupings, different modalities, and all of them in a different setting – outside the synagogue’s walls. 
Why the name Romemu?
Romemu is Hebrew for Exalt and Go Higher. We are aiming to go higher in our educational experience, so that our learners may Kesher (Connect), Chavayah (Experience), Lomed (Learn), and Chai (Live). We are encouraging our youth to go higher to be their most compassionate and authentic selves to themselves and to others so they can make a positive difference in the world today.  
What are the various components of Romemu our youth will experience? 
Yachad (together) - Yachad is our core Jewish experiential learning environment. Yachad has students of similar ages gathered together to build relationships with one another, learn skills to help with building these relationships, and explore together the following: 

  • Sundays (K4 – 6th Grade) - This year our learners will explore a new Jewish Middot (values) based curriculum designed by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland for this year specifically, לְבִּריאוּת Labri’ut: To Our Health and Wellness." Over the course of this year, learners gain a variety of tools that build resiliency and supportive strategies for better managing the challenges that life can throw their way, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The curriculum consists of five eidot (units):  sukkat shalom (a shelter of peace), ometz lev (inner strength), g’vurah (courage), k’hillah (community), and hesed (loving kindness, tying into hope). 
  • Sundays (Seventh Grade) – Our seventh graders will explore the Hebrew expression, “Hineini (Here I am).”Their five eidot (units) will include b’tzelem Elohim (being created in the image of God), what it means to answer the call from God with Hineini (here I am), the Shoah (The Holocaust) through the lens of being an Upstander, middot (Jewish values - see the list above), and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world).  
  • We are very pleased to announce that Romemu has been selected to be the first Wisconsin partner of MovingTraditions and will include in our yachad program, their experiential b'nai mitzvah lessons for sixth and seventh graders. The Moving Traditions B’nai Mitzvah program is a new model of Jewish education for students and parents that speaks directly to the psychological, spiritual, social, and developmental issues that pre-teens face as they prepare for and celebrate this rite of passage.
  • Wednesdays (Third – Sixth Grade) – In addition to the daily check-in, students will create meaning from personal prayer and make emotional connections through communal prayer.

T’nuah (Movement) - Each Sunday and Wednesday our T’nuah specialist will visit each Yachad group (K4-5th grade) for ten minutes of Hebrew through Movement. Hebrew through Movement is a language acquisition strategy in which students learn Hebrew by hearing and responding to Hebrew directions

Tefillah (prayer service) – For a part of each day, students will join the clergy and our Director of Lifelong Learning for a genuine prayer experience because tefillah is learned by doing. 
Chugim (electives) – For a part of each Sunday, students will leave their Yachad group for chugim that they choose for each of our five eidot (units), allowing for personal choice and authentic Jewish content in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them. These chugim may include: Jewish cooking, Israel through the eyes of Israeli children (twinning with a class in Israel), conversational Hebrew for children and/or families, and amanut (art). 

Ivrit (Hebrew) tutoring:  Learners in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade will also have the opportunity to study for 15-20 minutes each week Romemu meets on Wednesday in an individual, two learner, or small group (three – five learners) setting with one of our Ivrit teachers remotely. (Each family will determine if they want their child learning individually, with one other student, or in a small group setting online.) The times of these sessions will be determined between the teacher and the family or families involved. 
If I want to learn even more about the purpose and values of Romemu and all of our lifelong learning at CEEBJ, where can I go? 
Thanks for asking. Please click here for our newly published Purpose and Values Statement.
What are the days and times of Romemu?
Sundays:         Younger Learners (K4-3rd grade)                9:00 – 10:30 am
                        Older Learners (4th -7th grade)                   10:00 – 11:30 am

Wednesdays:    Learners (3rd -6th grade)                           5:15pm—6:05 pm 

8th - 9th Grades:

  • Our 8th and 9th graders begin to give back to our community by serving as Madrichim in Romemu Sundays and/or Wednesdays. Twice a month, they gather to study Jewish leadership, the five middot (Jewish values- see the list above) the entire congregation is learning, and education through a Jewish lens in order to enhance their work as madrichim.

Kabbalat Torah: 10th grade:

  • Kabbalat Torah means “receiving Torah.”
  • Our tenth graders meet weekly with Rabbi Berkson to discuss philosophy, current events, Jewish values, and prepare to lead our annual Kabbalat Torah service on Shavuot in which they take responsibility and ownership over their own religious practice in a more mature way. 

Passport To Israel

Attention parents: Consider this amazing program that matches your savings with contributions from CEEBJ and Milwaukee Jewish Federation to enable kids to go on a peer-group Israel trip as teens or young adults.


Special needs? We’d love to help!

At Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun, we believe that every person is created B'tzelem Elohim, (in the image of God) and therefore each person is unique. Therefore, we are committed to accommodating the learning needs of every person in our educational programs. Our teachers receive training and assistance in adapting lessons for all learning styles. We are excited to be partnering with the Coalition for Jewish Learning of Milwaukee and providing our learners and their families with a Kesher coordinator who will help the learner, their family, and the teachers best meet the needs of each learner and provide differentiated curriculum. Please contact our Director of Lifelong Learning to discuss your child’s special needs.

Need more information?

For more information, please contact Susan Cosden, Director of Lifelong Learning, at 414-228-7545 or

Sat, July 24 2021 15 Av 5781