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Online Learning

B’Shevteha B’vayteha - As You Sit in Your House

As we sit in our homes, this site offers
online resources for learning and living Judaism for people of all ages


Our online learning sites are arranged by category. Click on a category to jump directly to it. Note, all links will open in a new browser window/tab. Here are the categories for this week: 

Weekly Torah Portion:

The Torah portion for the week of April 4 - April 10 is Sh'mini, Leviticus 9:1 - 11:47. Click here for this week's summary. 

Podcast commentary: click here.

Animated video commentary: click here 

Spotify playlist: click here

Click here for a commentary entitled, "A Higher Holiness Through Connection with a Collective." (Plus the commentary below it is really excellent as well.")

Click here for a commentary entitled, "Explaining the Inexplicable with Silence." 

For a commentary entitled, "Finding Holiness at the Zoo" click here

Click here for a commentary entitled, "Thoughts on Kashrut," and click here for Steve Silbert's Visual Torah Sketch-Noting on the commentary, entitled, "The Shuhari of Keeping/Be-ing Kosher." 

Families with teens, click here to discuss the portion.

Families with tweens, click here to discuss the portion.

Families with young children, click here to discuss the portion. 

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K'hillah (Social Connectedness and Community):

Click here for the introductory two minute overview video of this module of the La'briut curriculum as taught in our Romemu program and to begin to learn about this middah, Jewish value. This will be our Lifelong Learning middah for February 28 - April 17. 

For this eidah (unit) we are defining k’hillah, based on the La'briut curriculum definition, as a special group to which members have a sense of belonging, with social connections between members, a reciprocity of responsibility, and a shared sense of purpose. 

Three thousand people who love to sing came together from all over Israel – they quickly learned to sing a song and perform it. Note that the singers are very diverse in background, with quite a few children spread throughout the audience. To watch the video, click here. Use the definition offered above to discuss with the others, is this group a k'hillah. Enjoy!!

Click here for Rabbi Jill Jacobs article in My Jewish Learning entitled, "The Importance of the Kehillah in Judaism."

Click here for a video and written copy of a sermon by Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove as found on Sefaria entitled, "Ask Not." This sermon covers JFK's famous words, a familiar quote about community from Pirkei Avot, the Peace Core, Yom Kippur, Passover, Noah and the ark, Henry David Thoreau, and ancient Rome. 

Click here to view Dan Nichols at Kutz Camp performing Kehillah Kedoshah.

Click here for our CEEBJ K'hillah Spotify Playlist. 

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Song of Songs:

Click here for Song of Songs Spotify playlist. 

Click here to explore Dr. Gary Zola's presentation, "What an American Hebraist Can Teach Us about Song of Songs: Reflections on Gershon Rosenzweig."

Click here for the Hebrew and a English translation of Song of Songs. 

Click here  for a full 45 minute plus presentation by author Debra Band on her book "The Honeybee in the Garden: Song of Songs" presented at the Library of Congress. 

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Yom HaShoah:

Click here to learn about Holocaust Remembrance Day from, including the significance of the yellow candle, songs that are sung, prayers that are read, history of the holiday and history of the Shoah.

Click here for a video of Israel During the Sirens on Yom HaShoah

Click here for a video of 600 Holocaust survivors and their families brought together by the musical organization Koolulam to perform "Hai" (Life) by Avraham Toledano and Uri Kariv for Yom HaShoah, April 2018.

Click here to visit the online exhibitions of Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. 

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Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha'atzmaut:

Click here to learn about Israel's Memorial Day and Israel's Independence Day. 

Click here for Koolulam's video for Yom Ha'atzmaut where they gathered 12,000 voices together (in 2018-Pre-Covid) to sing Al Kol Eleh. 

Click here for the video of Katan Aleinu ("We Got This") with English Subtitles. In late 2020, Israel's top artists came together to boost Israel's moral with this song. We hope it brings you hope as well. 

Click here for a video of Rick Recht singing "The Hope" live at Kutz Camp. 

Click here for a flashmob version of Hatikvah on the Jerusalem Tramway. 

Click here to learn many facts you probably didn't know about Israel. 

Click here to start listening to a Spotify playlist highlighting most of the All-Star Performers who will be starring in the Yom Ha'atzmaut Jewish Rock Radio Concert on Saturday, April 10. 

Click here to listen to a Spotify playlist created by the Icenter of Israeli music. 



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