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Online Learning

B’Shevteha B’vayteha - As You Sit in Your House

As we sit in our homes, this site offers
online resources for learning and living Judaism for people of all ages


Our online learning sites are arranged by category. Click on a category to jump directly to it. Note, all links will open in a new browser window/tab.

Weekly Torah Portion:

Are you a parent wanting to lead a weekly family discussion about the Torah portion? This article will guide you. 

For the week of May 24 - May 30, the Parashat HaShavua (the weekly Torah portion) is Naso I, Numbers 4:21-5:31. Naso is divided into two parts this year as Reform Jews and Jews in Israel only celebrate one day of Shavuot, while other Jews outside of Israel celebrate two days. Since the second day this year is on Shabbat, we read Naso in two parts so that our reading of weekly Torah portion remains consistent with everyone else. 

Click here for a summary of Naso I. 

For families with young children, click here for a family discussion on Naso I family stories. 

What is the connection between Martin Buber, humanity, God, and this week's portion? Click here to find out.

Click here for a podcast connecting the #MeToo Movement with Parashat Naso I. 

For an animated video of Parashat Naso I that focuses on a man accusing his wife of adultery, click here

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Counting the Omer:

Introduction to Counting the Omer

For a video introducing the counting of the Omer, click here.

Five Steps to Counting the Omer

Do it Yourself Omer Counters, terrific craft projects for the entire family

A mindfulness practice for each day of the counting of the Omer.

There are only a little over 100 women’s names in the TaNach (the Jewish Bible) out of over 1000 names in total and some of those include Lot’s wife, etc. Here is an Omer Calendar with a Biblical Woman or feminine aspect of God for each day.

On our CEEBJ Facebook page, we are posting a quote or intention for each day of the counting of the Omer. 

Click here to see what day it is in the counting of the Omer. Please note, we say the blessing and count the day of the Omer, the previous night. 

The counting of the Omer lasts for 49 days. Click here for 49 facts about the Omer. 

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For an animated video introducing you to the holy day of Shavuot, click here

 Click here for a fun and creative way to learn about the ten commandments through this music video. 

Looking for a Shavuot craft to do? Click here for a DIY Jewish paper cutting of "roses" for Shavuot. 

During services on Shavuot, Sukkot, and Pesach we recite Hallel. To learn what Hallel is, click here for this video. 

Click here for Shavuot dairy recipes. 

Want to help your family prepare for Shavuot? Looking for a few of our Goose Chase activities for Shavuot? Click here

For a completely different top ten list, click here for a study guide on Judaism's 10 Best Ideas. 

 Click here for the origins of Leil Tikun Shavuot. CEEBJ will host our Leil Tikun Shavuot on Thursday night, May 28. 

Is revelation ongoing? Click here to examine texts to explore your own ideas on the subject. 

Is the story of Ruth and Boaz a love story? This Sefaria text study will help you explore that question. Click here for the study sheet.

Click here for a Shavuot Spotify playlist. 

To watch short videos addressing individually the ten commandments, click here and on the same page you will find a study guide to further your exploration. 

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Rosh Hodesh:

What is Rosh Hodesh? Click here to learn about this monthly Jewish holiday. 

Click here for rituals and customs of Rosh Hodesh. 

To learn about the Jewish calendar and each month of the year, click here.

Beth Hamon, CEEBJ's artist in residence in 2020, created a song for Rosh Hodesh. Click here to learn about it and to hear it. 

Click here for a poem about Rosh Hodesh. 

To meditate on the new moon, click here.

See the prayer section for the prayer for the new moon. 

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Jewish Wisdom in Times of Crisis:

We’ve Been Here Before: Spiritual Wisdom for Enduring Coronavirus: Perhaps the Book of Numbers can provide insight into the current crisis.

The Holiness of Handwashing

Contemporary Jewish prayer created to say while washing one’s hands for 20 seconds and based on the traditional prayer for washing hands.

Jewish views on health, wellness, and aging.

Jewish prayer for doctors

Spotify Playlist of Jewish Songs of Hope and Healing

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Parenting Wisdom in Times of Crisis:

Sesame Street Toolkit on Resilience

New York Times Parenting Article Regarding Coronavirus

New York Times Parenting Article Regarding Coronavirus and Talking to Teens

PJ Library Resources for Quarantined Families

Activities to talk with your young children about Shalom Bayit, peace in your home.

Activities to talk with children of all ages about Shalom Bayit, peace in your home.

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Sacred Texts:

During the Omer, the second day of Pesach until Shavuot, some read Pirkei Avot, the Sayings of Our Ancestors.

To learn more about Pirkei Avot, click here.

Click here for a study sheet from Sefaria on Pirkei Avot 1:13.

Like Gilmore Girls? Read and watch this article connecting Pirkei Avot 2:4 and 5 Jewish Lessons from the Gilmore Girls.

Pirkei Avot, Social Intelligence, and an ELI Talk.

Fan of Superman and the Justice League? Click here.

Pirkei Avot and Chevruta Study

Click here, to explore Pirkei Avot 3:6, communal and individual Jewish identity. 

Originally created for the lifelong learning committee, click here for a study of Pirkei Avot 4:1 and 4:3 by our own Susan Cosden, RJE. 

To have a quick overview of Pirkei Avot, click here for 13 Favorite Pirkei Avot Quotes.

Click here for Pirkei Avot 5:10 and the Jewish value of Bal Tashchit, protecting the environment. 

For a study on being slow to anger, the middah of erech apayim and Pirkei Avot 5:11, click here

Click here for a study of various verses of Pirkei Avot including Pirkei Avot 6:3 on Who learns and who teaches. 

For a text study entitled "The Moral Bucket List," click here for a variety of Pirkei Avot verses including 6:5. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Click here for a text study on Mental Health and Halacha. 

Talmud curriculum with 11 animated videos for ages 15 – 120.

Harvard’s Open Source Course on Judaism through sacred texts.

Click here for the material created for the first class of As the TaNaCH Turns: Sex in the Bible (Parashat Beresheit)

Materials for the second class of As the TaNaCH Turns: Sex in the Bible (Parshiot Noach, Lech L'cha, and Vayeira)

The third class of As the TaNaCh Turns focused on the generations of Isaac and Rebekah; Rachel, Leah, and Jacob; and Dinah and her twelve brothers. Click here for the materials. 

For the materials shared during the fourth class of As the TaNaCh Turns focused on Judah and Tamar & Joseph and Potiphar's Wife, click here.

Click here for the materials for the fifth and final class of As the TaNaCh Turns: Sex in the Bible (Song of Songs) 

Would you like to view the fifth and final class of As the TaNaCh Turns? Click here to learn more about Song of Songs.

Click here for a few sections of Song of Songs beautifully translated by Marcia Falk. 

For a list of books for further exploration of Sex in the Bible, click here.

Click here for a text study created for our Virtual Mitzvah Day. 

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Spotify Playlist for Shabbat

How to Create a Meaningful Shabbat Experience

3 Ways to Bring Shabbat Home

Shabbat Home Blessings

Shabbat Blessings for Families with Young Children. Learn the blessings through 3 animated videos.

How Can Your Family Together Decide How to Fulfill the Mitzvot of Shabbat?

Wanting to learn how to braid a six-braided challah? Click here.

Vegan challah recipe

How to make challah dough

All things challah

Blessing of the children in Hebrew, transliteration, and English and audio files

Why add your own extra blessing to the blessing of the children

Podcast of the story: The Power of Shabbat

Study Sheet from Sefaria on Remembering and Protecting Shabbat

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Click here for prayers amid the Pandemic

A blessing for Springtime

Blessing for studying Torah

Daily blessings for wonders in nature

To learn about the blessing after we eat, birkat hamazonclick here.

Looking for an overview of the structure of the Jewish prayer service? Click here for the basics. 

Click here for Marcia Falk's beautiful adaptation of the blessing for Rosh Hodesh (the new month). 

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Rituals and Lifecycle:

Morning Rituals for families with young children

Crafting bedtime rituals for families with young children.

Click here to explore how parenting can become a spiritual practice. 

Want to know what to expect at a baby naming? Click here.

For an overview of Jewish mourning rituals, click here for an animated video explanation. 

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Jewish Values and Virtues:

"Schmoozin' With Susan - Shalom Bayit". Click here to view the slides with option to download.

Material for studying the 48 middot, Jewish virtues

PJ library books on being a mensch

How to raise a family of Jewish menschen

Making of a mensch video for older children, teens, and adults

Making of a Mensch Periodic Table

Making of a Mensch Discussion Packet

Using yoga to embody the middot (Jewish values).

To learn about conflict resolution from Hillel and Shammai, click here to watch and learn about Machloket L’Shem Shemayim – the power of constructive conflict. 

A video and activities for families with young children to talk about hakarat hatov (gratitude).

Jewish Food For Thought: The Animated Series Written and animated by Hanan Harchol, Jewish Food For Thought: The Animated Series, is a collection of engaging animated conversations between Hanan and his parents that explore Jewish teachings on themes such as forgiveness, love, gratitude, and many others.

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Jewish History and Shoah:

Ten Stages of Genocide

Click here for a video about Eva Zaret and her scroll.

For a YouTube video about the Milwaukee Jewish Community Holocaust Memorial, click here.

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Think you know Israel? 68 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Israel.

For Israeli recipes, click here. Keep clicking load more if at first you don't find the recipe you want like the one for hummus or shakshuka. 

For the Fountainhead's video entitled "Hope", click here.

For a Spotify Israeli music playlist, click here.

For a Spotify Israeli music for the morning playlist, click here.

For a Spotify Israeli music for the evening playlist, click here.

Click here for a collection on Spotify of seven decades of Israeli music.

Learn about Israel with Shalom Sesame, Israel's Sesame Street.

Jerusalem Post lists the top 10 Israeli movies of the last decade.

21 Iconic Israeli Movies

10 Israeli artists

Israeli poems to get us through this time of fear and isolation.

Click here to learn about a relatively new podcast about Israel by Israeli activist Anat Hoffman.

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Arts and Culture:

The home page for Reform Judaism’s Jewish Books and Literature page.

Jewish book reviews of over 150 books.

9 Social Justice Books to Read Now

10 movies showcasing the best of American Jewish life.

Click here, for reflections by rabbis and priests on the 20th anniversary of "Keeping the Faith."

Suggestions of Jewish tv shows to binge.

5 Jewish stories on a weekly podcast by Reform Judaism entitled, Stores We Tell, for you to listen to on your own or with your children.

Looking for the Blintz Souffle (without frozen blintzes) recipe, Susan Cosden, RJE, demonstrated on Facebook Live?  Click here.

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has free resources for students of all ages to practice their prayers, use a Hebrew keyboard and more!

Students in CEEBJ’s religious school in grades 3-7 will have access to Torah Aura’s Prayertech to practice their prayers.

Check out Aleph Bet Bullseye for a great app for learning the Aleph Bet for IPhone and IPad.

Want to learn Hebrew slang? Click here.

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A great resource for a variety of Jewish games

For daily Jewish games for children 5-8 years old, click here.

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