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Czech Torah Scroll #942 - Memorial Scrolls Trust

Torah Rededication Activities

On Sunday morning, November 15, 2015, the ceremony began with a blast of the shofar by Michael Taibleson and a procession into the sanctuary for the rededication events. Rabbi Kevin Hale taught the children of the congregation about what it means to be a sofer. The completion of the remaining seven letters in the Torah included several participants. The invited Holocaust survivors gathered behind Rabbi Hale. Each placed a hand on his shoulder as he wrote one of the seven remaining letters in the book of Breshit (Genesis), the first book of the Torah. The sofer assisted other individuals to complete the remaining letters. These included Rabbi Marc Berkson, members of the CEEBJ lifelong learning faculty, and three generations of the Zucker Family including Clarice Zucker (widow of Robert Zucker) and Eve Joan Zucker (widow of Jim Zucker).

With the seven letters completed, Rabbi Berkson inspected the Torah and declared it “kosher” and thus could be used for ritual Torah readings in the synagogue. Blessings for reading the Torah were chanted and a part of Vayeytzei, the weekly Torah portion, was read. Cantor David Barash led the congregation in the shehecheyanu blessing and festive songs. The Torah was lifted in the tradition of hagbah for all to see, dressed, and returned to its place in the ark. The event concluded with a final blast of the shofar.

The Zucker family, through the Maurice S. Surlow Memorial Fund, generously provided the resources needed to restore and repair the Torah. 

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Sat, May 27 2023 7 Sivan 5783