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Included / Excluded / Optional Services

Our voluntary plan incorporates elements appropriate for a Reform Jewish funeral and burial. Our rabbis and cantor invite congregants to raise any concerns about our Funeral Plan or to discuss with them any aspect of Jewish burial and mourning practices.

Included Services

  • Professional and administrative services of the funeral director: making funeral arrangements, coordination with cemetery, and handling necessary documents
  • Local transport of the deceased from place of death to the funeral home
  • Use of the funeral home facility for preparation for burial
  • A traditional oak casket
  • A concrete vault when required by the cemetery
  • Funeral service at Emanu-El B'ne Jeshurun, the funeral home, or graveside (if at CEEBJ, additional synagogue charges also apply)
  • Hearse and one limousine
  • Ten certified copies of the death certificate
  • A temporary memorial marker for the grave
  • Memorial/shiva package including register book, kaddish cards at cemetery, 100 acknowledgement cards, keriah ribbons, prayer books, shiva candle, kippot

Optional Services (unless specifically noted as included by a particular funeral director)

  • Tahara – The ritual washing and preparing of the body by the Chevra Kaddisha according to Jewish tradition (required by some cemeteries)
  • Tachrichim – Dressing the deceased in a traditional burial shroud whose simplicity reflects the equality of all people
  • Shomrim – For families who wish to have someone stay with the deceased from death until burial, the funeral director will arrange for Shomrim who read Psalms and other appropriate writings while sitting with the deceased. Family and friends can also provide this around-the-clock service.
  • Additional acknowledgement cards
  • Chairs and coat rack for use during shiva
  • Newspaper notices at prevailing rates
  • Additional limousine(s)
  • Military Honors, if applicable

Excluded Services

  • The funeral plan excludes all cemetery costs such as burial plot and interment
  • Transportation of remains if death occurs out of town
  • Medical Examiner fees, if required

Questions & Answers

Who is eligible for the funeral plan?
Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun members in good standing and their immediate family members are eligible for the funeral plan whenever our congregation’s rabbis and/or cantor officiate at the service.

How much does the funeral plan cost?

The cost of the plan is different depending on the funeral home you choose. If you decide to modify the funeral plan “package” of services, the cost may increase or decrease. Our rabbis and cantor neither charge nor expect any honoraria or donations to officiate at a funeral for synagogue members or family members eligible for the Plan.

Can I pre-pay for this Funeral Plan?
You may if you choose. Our funeral package is pre-planned, not pre-paid. However, your attorney can advise you if it would be beneficial to pre-pay for the Funeral Plan because of estate planning or eligibility for certain government programs (Title 19, for example).

Does Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun recommend a specific cemetery?
Choice of cemetery is at the discretion of the family, and you may wish to consider purchasing a burial plot in advance of need. Our congregation does not own or have a formal agreement with any particular cemetery. The synagogue office has contact information for all the Jewish cemeteries in the Milwaukee area. If a grave site has not been purchased in advance, the funeral director will help you make the necessary arrangements. For additional information on Jewish Cemeteries in Southeast Wisconsin, please click here or contact the individual cemeteries to confirm your questions.

How do I select a funeral director?
We recommend that you select a funeral director in advance of need, perhaps interviewing more than one to help make the best choice. We have the same agreement with all of the participating funeral directors and do not recommend any particular provider. The congregation does not receive any financial gain from any funeral director.

What about cremation and embalming?
While cremation is acceptable in Reform Judaism, burial is the normative Jewish practice (Gates of Mitzvah: A Guide to the Jewish Life Cycle, Central Conference of American Rabbis). We follow Jewish tradition and discourage embalming, except in those rare instances when it is required by law.

Why doesn’t the funeral plan include flowers?
In lieu of flowers, we encourage “living memorials” through contributions to the congregation or to any other charitable cause as the most appropriate way for friends and family members to remember a loved one.

Who should I call for more information?
If you have questions about funeral practices and observances, please call our rabbis or cantor. If you have questions about fees and/or administrative details, contact one of the funeral directors in our plan or the synagogue's Executive Director.

For more information …

To reach CEEBJ staff by telephone (414-228-7545) or e-mail:

Rabbi Marc Berkson:
Cantor David Barash:
Executive Director, Andrew Appel:

— or —

Robert Jacobs, Funeral Plan Chair, (414) 352-2847,

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