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Czech Torah Scroll #942 - Memorial Scrolls Trust

Sarah Surlow Zucker’s Desire to Restore This Torah

Sarah Surlow Zucker (shown here on the left with her husband Leo) was born in Hungary, near its border with Czechoslovakia. She spoke both Hungarian and Czech as well as other languages. She had vivid memories of her own mother, Rivka Stern, bringing about the writing of a Torah. Rivka invited a sofer (Torah Scribe) to live with their family for the entire year it took him to write a Torah. Sarah told her family that she wanted to follow her mother’s example to fulfill an important mitzvah by restoring the Czech Torah. Both women did this in order to fulfill the 613th commandment in the Torah that every Jew is commanded to write a Torah, a mitzvah which can be fulfilled by writing just a single letter.

Pictured below with the Torah Scroll are Sarah's son, Jim Zucker, with his wife Eve Joan on the right, along with sister-in-law Clarice Zucker circa 2013.


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Sat, May 27 2023 7 Sivan 5783